How Concerned Should You Be About Ransomware?

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On May 12, 2017, the biggest virus attack in the world hit over 150 countries, affecting businesses, government agencies, hospitals, and all kinds of institutions. From big companies to small businesses, the result was the same: people panicking as they watched their business data disappear and held hostage for ransom. Worst of all? They didn’t [...]


How Secure is In-Flight WiFi?

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When was the last time you checked your phone? If you’re like most of Americans, you probably pick it up over 2,000 times a day. Whether ranting on social media or catching up with work, we’re constantly connected to the Internet. WiFi has become our best friend. Once upon a time, getting on a flight [...]


Keeping You Aware & Worry-Free

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Your home has a lot to tell you since, thanks to the technology available through smart home security, it now has a voice. It can keep you aware of everything that occurs in your home from fires to teenagers’ parties, no matter where you are, through real-time text and video alerts.  In extreme cases, like [...]

Springtime Smart Security Benefits

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Spring is here and with it comes the motivation to start cleaning projects and new home improvements. This year, many homeowners are considering updating their smart home technology. By integrating a security system with advanced technology, you can create a smart home that will provide better protection for you and your family, while also offering the [...]

Securing Your Home’s Exterior

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I am amazed by how many extraordinary homes in which I have been asked to provide risk assessments that the homeowner and/or their security system provider had not covered the exterior area of the residence. Most homeowners in this area have invested heavily in their new homes’ exterior areas to make the outside of them [...]

Veteran’s Day

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An open letter to Employees, Customers & Strategic Partners from Source 1 Solutions CEO If you have ever asked yourself what Veteran’s Day is all about, here is a short history… In 1921, an unknown World War I American soldier was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. This site, on a hillside overlooking the Potomac River and the [...]


Is Your Security System Prepared for a Hurricane?

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Although we have a hurricane season and tourist season here in the Tampa Bay area, storms are ever present. They are a fact of life year round, and each one can wreck havoc on your home or business. Most of the suggestions homeowners receive about being prepared for these acts of nature do not mention [...]


Updating Your Home Security System

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At one time, most homeowners viewed a security system as a good door lock. However, over the years, much has changed; and in the present world, everyone has become conscious of how important security is to their lives and well being. It is a sad fact that a burglary occurs in this country every fourteen [...]

Securing Amalie Arena

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Guest Post by Robert Hessel,  President & CEO of Source 1 Solutions. I’m a longtime hockey fan and a passionate Tampa Bay Lightning fan. I was actually in the stands at the Amalie Arena, their stadium, when they won the Stanley Cup. That’s why it’s been rewarding for me to have my company, Source 1 [...]