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Cyber Security Risks on Cyber Monday

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It’s officially November, which means Thanksgiving break, awkward silences at family dinner, football playing in the background while everyone’s passed out in the living room from overeating, and the crazy sales of Black Friday. But why wake up at the crack of dawn to physically fight with throes of bargain shoppers when you could just [...]


How Trustworthy Are Your Phone Apps?

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How many apps do you have on your phone? Do you even remember when was the last time you went to bank to transfer funds? When was the last time you drove somewhere while looking at an actual, paper map? The truth is that mobile phone applications make all of our lives easier. But are [...]


Common Issues With Security Cameras

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In George Orwell’s 1984, no matter where a person was or what they were doing, Big Brother was always watching. It’s pretty freaky to think that someone, somewhere, is watching our every movement; but for businesses everywhere, having a security camera system is essential. While there are people who are still relying on Closed Circuit [...]


What can you do to protect yourself in a mass shooting?

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Once again, our country has suffered indescribable loss after a mass shooting in Las Vegas. The media has been quick to describe it as the worst mass shooting in US history. That is, since Pulse, which only happened last year. And before then, the most abhorrent of these happened at Newtown Elementary. So we know [...]


How Much Do You Stand to Lose From a Cyber Security Breach?

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Have you ever waited until the last minute to get something done? While that may work when buying gourmet ingredients for your dinner party, it’s not the best practice when you’re running a business. Especially when we’re talking about cyber security. Recently, we’ve been so preoccupied with Hurricane Irma, that a lot of us didn’t [...]


How To Protect Your Business From a Hurricane

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Irma came and went, and we all survived. We got really lucky in Tampa Bay that by the time the storm hit us, it had significantly weakened. That doesn’t change the fact that during the days leading up to the storm, most of us were worried about the impact and aftermath of a category 5 [...]


How Will Your Business Store Data in the Future?

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When we were growing up, there were plenty of TV shows and movies depicting what the future would be like: From the Jetsons, to Back to the Future, to Weird Science. If you’re lucky enough to have visited Disney World as a kid, you probably also visited Spaceship Earth at Epcot, and watched how technology [...]


Would You Store Data Under Your Skin?

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When it comes to intelligent business security, business owners tend to stay updated on the most recent developments: How to upgrade closed circuit camera systems, how to keep track of visitors, how to encrypt or mask sensitive data to keep it safe from hackers. We stress the importance of backing up work, updating software, installing [...]


How Safe is IoT?

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You’ve got mail. A famous phrase that reminds us of the days of dial-up Internet and chatting with friends on ICQ. What a long way we’ve come. But with all of our technological advances, also come risks; and as Ransomware, Wannacry, and Petya have recently proved, the damage can be felt at large scales. So [...]


How Cognitive Computing Improves Cyber Security

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Remember when technology consisted on being able to talk on the phone for hours, because thanks to call waiting, an important call wouldn’t get a busy signal? You could talk to your crush for as long as you wanted, without a worry. I can picture your sparkling braces smile. How times have changed. Now we [...]


What is Data Masking?

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When was the most recent time that you heard about some sort of cyber security breach affecting a Fortune 500 company? Criminal charges have been brought as a result of the hacking of over 500 million Yahoo accounts. In addition, American Express had to embarrassingly notify their clients that their information may have been compromised. Then we [...]


Which Type of Encryption is Best For Your Business?

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How much do you know about encrypting data? Unless you’re a total tech geek, chances are what you know about it is rudimentary. Yes, we all know whatever we type looks like a jumbled mess of characters to whomever tries to access the information without the authorization to do so. But other than that, is [...]


How The Shortage In IT Professionals May Affect You

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For the past couple of years, technology has advanced at a dizzying pace. Before we get used to our new cell phones, a better version comes along. At some restaurants, you can place your order from a tablet. Watching television has gotten more high tech, with devices such as Apple TV. Even something as simple [...]


Why You Should Have Visitor Management Software

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A lot of components come into play when it comes to keeping a business safe. You can install a closed circuit security camera system to safeguard against intruders (or at least to be able to identify them). You can hire security guards. Some places have metal detectors. Hopefully, every single business owner has a solid [...]


Cyber Security Tools for Small Businesses

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We’ve all read the news about the damage cyber security threats have caused to large companies and government agencies. What makes it even more worrisome is knowing that even with all the money these giants have at their disposal, hackers can easily break through their security systems. So as a small business owner, what chances [...]


How Concerned Should You Be About Ransomware?

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On May 12, 2017, the biggest virus attack in the world hit over 150 countries, affecting businesses, government agencies, hospitals, and all kinds of institutions. From big companies to small businesses, the result was the same: people panicking as they watched their business data disappear and held hostage for ransom. Worst of all? They didn’t [...]


Are Wireless Security Cameras Better?

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Some of us are old enough to remember when phones had a curly chord securing a handled earpiece to the dial pad. Those were the days: Being a teenager trying to have a very important conversation about high school shenanigans while standing in a kitchen corner, while the rest of the family would walk by. [...]


Safety Concerns At Event Arenas

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On May 22nd of this year, a tragedy occurred in Manchester, England, at the conclusion of an Ariana Grande concert. Similar events have happened in Paris, Colorado, and in our very own backyard last year, at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. These events beg the question: If you are running a large scale venue, what are [...]