Guest Post by Robert Hessel,  President & CEO of Source 1 Solutions.

I’m a longtime hockey fan and a passionate Tampa Bay Lightning fan. I was actually in the stands at the Amalie Arena, their stadium, when they won the Stanley Cup. That’s why it’s been rewarding for me to have my company, Source 1 Solutions, involved with a variety of projects at the 700,000 square foot arena.

In addition to being an Intelligent Security Solutions provider, our organization also has experience in building wide area networks, local area networks, wireless networks as well as unified communications solutions. Prior to our engagement to upgrade and redesign the stadium’s various systems, they had a mixture of different technologies. There wasn’t really a systematic design or a plan to integrate those types of solutions, so when we came in that was the first step.

We introduced Honeywell into that mix to augment some of their old systems. We have a Honeywell intrusion system with multiple zones setup. There’s a combination of Honeywell analog cameras and hybrid boxes because we’ve migrated them into IP and HD cameras. This is where the intelligent in our company tagline comes from “Intelligent Solutions for an Intelligent World.” We don’t try to make one simple solution, but rather look at the broad spectrum and the customers desired end result and integrate the best solutions. We really look at the area we’re trying to cover and think about, what’s the proper camera for the goal of protecting this specific area. Take a few minutes to watch the case study below to better understand the solution we provided.

The Importance of IT
One of our company slogans is “We’re bridging the gaps between IT and facility management”. I believe security companies today need to have a relationship with the IT Director. As security solutions continue to migrate to IP and be more reliant on these technologies, the IT Director’s going to be involved in the decision, if not the ultimate decision maker. Moving forward, I just don’t see how a security integrator will succeed without being able to speak IT lingo.

The Amalie Arena has been a very fun project to work on because it’s something that’s constantly moving and ever changing. From the top to the bottom, they’re really set on making sure it is a secure, empowering environment for fans, players and staff. Everyone is excited about the best days ahead.

Article originally published on Honeywell’s Security Blog here:

*”Tampa Bay Times Forum” changed to the “Amalie Arena” in October 2014.


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