During this brutal winter on Long Island, I was grateful that my mom is a “snowbird”. In New York, when seniors migrate to Florida to escape the cold, they often get this name. This month, the nation celebrates Older Americans Month to honor seniors and provide information to keep them healthy. As security providers, you can assist this group with Honeywell solutions that benefit active seniors as well as others who aren’t as mobile.

For those with two homes, Honeywell Total Connect cameras in both residences can help these owners keep an eye on their investments. Whether they are on the golf course, out shopping, or relaxing by the pool, they can look in on either home whenever they like. If you add flood and temperature sensors, the system is further enhanced since it alerts them to situations that can cause costly damages.

Whether you are offering security solutions for active seniors or adult children of older Americans, you are providing peace of mind.

Solutions to Address the Senior Population

For the less active seniors, Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services can also offer comfort to another demographic: adult children. One security dealer that has a vast amount of experience in this area is Source 1 Solutions in Largo, Florida. “We’ve found that Honeywell Total Connect empowers loved ones to maintain a constant connection to elderly relatives who live independently, but may require extra care and attention,” explains Rob Hessel, President and CEO of Source 1 Solutions.

To provide a comprehensive solution, Rob and his team integrate other devices for greater peace of mind. “Through Honeywell Total Connect, we program motion detectors to send an alert for “lack” of motion in an elderly person’s home. When a loved one gets the alert, they can then login and check in on their loved ones to determine that everything is okay.”

Whether we are in our 20s, 30, 40s and beyond, we all have one thing in common: every day we’re getting older. And, with the systems you provide, you can make that journey safer and more comfortable for those you protect.

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