Although we have a hurricane season and tourist season here in the Tampa Bay area, storms are ever present. They are a fact of life year round, and each one can wreck havoc on your home or business. Most of the suggestions homeowners receive about being prepared for these acts of nature do not mention the role that modern technology can play in ensuring your safety during these events.

One of the features of a modern security system is its ability to keep you “connected” in real time. Modern indoor and outdoor sensors serve as eyes and ears in your home, as they detect movement and listen for sounds, such as breaking glass. Honeywell has developed state-of-the-art sensors that, in addition to enhancing intruder protection, will also notify you of breaking windows and other damage that can be caused to your home by storms.

Additionally, Honeywell Environmental Sensors can help to prevent disasters before they start. These detectors can be used to notify you of a variety of situations in your house, ranging from flooding and leaks to extreme temperatures, both high and low. All of this technology will help to minimize the risk of damage to your home and the valuables within it. Cameras can also be added to these systems for further protection. Honeywell has digital video systems that allow you to view live, streaming video on your smart phones or other devices. These units are so advanced that you can see up to six views simultaneously.

Intelligent connected security systems can provide you with peace of mind and safety, as they employ advanced technology to enhance the basics of household protection. You can even receive alerts on your smart phone if motion is sensed at your home, as well as other information that will allow you to react as quickly as possible. It is amazing how far home protection has come.

Article originally published in Tampa Bay Magazine, July/August 2014 Edition here: 

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