how secure is in flight wifi

When was the last time you checked your phone? If you’re like most of Americans, you probably pick it up over 2,000 times a day. Whether ranting on social media or catching up with work, we’re constantly connected to the Internet. WiFi has become our best friend.

Once upon a time, getting on a flight would provide us with a significant respite from all this madness. Depending on your destination, we could go off the grid for a couple of hours, while enjoying succulent in-flight salted peanuts and fancy drinks, such as Sprite on the rocks. Anything that needed our attention had to wait until we landed.

How technology has become a double-edged sword

Times have changed. With the advancement of technology, now we have WiFi even while walking through Disney World. Workaholics everywhere rejoiced when we found out we could fly to London and answer emails as soon as they come in. It’s great stuff. But what if you’re sending private information?

Here’s a scary fact: Hackers can be average Joes, sitting on the same flight as you, reading every single one of your emails. This is not a hypothetical of what could happen in the future. This is already happening. If you do online banking, check your Facebook messages, or access any type of personal information, the dude sitting a few seats away from you might be reading all of it too.

What can we do to keep our information safe?

To increase your security, you could use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). For those of you who are non-techies who are just checking this site for kicks, a VPN is a server that encrypts any information you transmit while connected. However, your private information could still be vulnerable between the time you connect to the Internet and the time you connect to a VPN.

The good news is that a lot of the most visited websites, such as Netflix and some social media sites, are providing encryption for your information around the clock. You could also talk with an IT professional about protecting your privacy during the time it takes you to connect to a VPN. Source 1 Solutions only hires the best, so if you’re concerned about your business’ security, give us a call.

Or you could just relax and watch a couple of movies or series on those nifty touch screens in front of every seat.

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