How many of you enjoy going through airport security? No matter how much we travel, we all hate having to stand in line and wait while a bozo who’s never been on a plane before acts like all the instruction signs throughout the area are purely decorative. “Oh, I have to take off my shoes?” “Oh, the belt too?” “Oh yeah, I have my keys in my pocket, haha!”

It’s obnoxious. But we put up with it because we all want to be safe. This is why most businesses install their own security camera systems. This is why we have passwords, anti-virus software, and either an IT department or an MSS on speed dial. This is why, in addition to those annoying lines, FAA also incorporates cybersecurity measures to their physical security.

Are you integrating both to keep your business safe? If you are, kudos to you. You are on the right track. You may stop reading this blog now and go on your merry way. If you aren’t, here are just some of the reasons why integration makes sense:


Having a washer is good. Having a dryer is good. Having both makes your life easier. It makes sense. They complement each other. Take, for example, upgrading CCTV to HD through IP. You get to monitor any suspicious behavior with the ability to zoom in, reduce background noise, and have a significantly better image resolution, you get to store footage in cloud storage. Relying solely on CCTV is as outdated as marketing yourself on MySpace.


If you have no intentions of ever expanding your small business, having just one or two security cameras makes sense. Keep your vintage system if it serves your purpose. But if you’ll require additional space as your business grows, you’ll need to install additional security cameras. By having an IP security system, you can keep increasing the number of cameras to hook up to your system, because technology just makes it that much easier, without having cables and ports all over the place.

It makes financial sense:

Do you like flushing money down the toilet? No? then stop doing it. Having both systems work cohesively means having only one team having to monitor it. Having issues with your cameras? Call your IT person. Having issues with your cloud storage? Call your IT person. Granted, having your MSS manage both probably means increased costs from your IT provider; however, by having them take care of everything, you won’t be paying twice for redundant services.

If you’re not sure yet this would be beneficial for your business, contact us, and let’s talk. At Source 1 Solutions, we’ll get right to the point and let you know about your alternatives. You have nothing to lose and money to save.

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