the difference between physical and network security

When deciding to protect your business from theft, it’s important to consider the types of risks you face. Often, physical security is the go-to option because break-ins, vandalism and even internal theft are more visible and easier to identify. But what about online theft or hard drive malfunctions? Who’s protecting your servers, computers, and data?

Every year, cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and will find ways to infiltrate your business. Unfortunately, an alarm system or access control isn’t going to stop them from hacking your systems. If you’re looking to install a new business security system or need to upgrade an existing one, it’s vital you work with a company who is well-versed in both physical and network security.

What is Physical Security?

Physical security is the protection from “physical” actions, such as burglary, theft and even fire and floods.It’s typically comprised of access control systems, video surveillance and monitoring.

What is Network Security?

Network Security allows your business to defend itself from unforeseen issues with your data infrastructure, such as server errors, hard drive issues and even attacks from outside sources.

When putting together a continuity plan for your business, it’s important to explore all options, from physical to IT, to ensure maximum protection. Do your research and work with a security company that is well-versed in IT, provides integration services, and offers a variety of security options.

3 Benefits of Working with A Security Company Who Specializes in IT

  1. Familiar with IT Databases

  2. When working with a security company that specializes in IT, you get help from professionals who are accustomed to working with IT databases. They know the terms and processes, and, most importantly, understand the security needs of your business.

  3. Better Technical Support

  4. There will be times when your IT solutions malfunction unexpectedly. You probably don’t have the time nor the experience to handle these complex issues, but a network security company does. They can troubleshoot IT issues before they jeopardize your security, saving you a lot of money and frustration. Additionally, network security companies can sometimes walk you through IT challenges over the phone.

  5. Enhanced Understanding of Security Software

  6. When working with a security company knowledgeable in IT, you have the opportunity to work with certified professionals who can easily walk you through the “how to’s” of both your physical and network security systems. They can also walk your staff through the process so, should any issues arise, you have someone on staff who can troubleshoot.

    Also, you can rest easy knowing that your systems are up-to-date at all times. One less task to distract from what’s important – your business.

Unfortunately, not all security companies are created equal. There’s a vast difference between residential and commercial security companies. Do your company a favor and hire a security company that has an extensive background in dealing with the more technical aspects of security, including IT databases and data networking. Then, no matter what security issues come your way, you’ll have the right systems and resources to tackle them head-on before they become costly.

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