Business owners and managers looking to invest in an integrated security system or similar customized surveillance solutions can feel overwhelmed by the variety of options available. The seemingly endless choices available for both hardware and software products each boast their own strengths and weaknesses, making it even more difficult to sort through this cluttered landscape. To make matters worse, each company has unique needs, meaning any system billed as a “one size fits all” solution will likely lack key features.

For example, a business with a fleet of physical warehouses would benefit from an integrated security solution that includes a robust video management system, while a small software startup with few physical assets may view this investment as an unnecessary expense.

With the security requirements of each venture being unique, let’s review some of the most important factors to keep in mind when deciding which features to include in your customized integrated security system. The following considerations will generally be applicable to every company, regardless of size or business sector.

Factors to consider when selecting an integrated security system for your business

choosing an integrated security system for your business

Understand your goals

No two security solutions are the same. Before deciding which features your business needs for its new integrated security system, it can be helpful to analyze your company’s security needs carefully.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Why do we want to install a new commercial security system?
  • Is an integrated security system right for our needs?
  • How will a new security system benefit and be used within the business?
  • Are the largest security threats that could affect my business physical or digital?

These questions may seem trivial, but they can be effective in helping decide which security system the business should purchase. The more specific the question you can answer, the better the chance that you’ll invest in an integrated security system that’s tailor-made for your company’s security needs.

This process will eventually point you towards the specific hardware (and possibly software) requirements that a customized security solution will entail. Not only does this empower your security team to know they’re getting the equipment they need, but it ensures that your company isn’t overpaying for an integrated security system, which means there’s more money to reinvest into your business.

Be prepared for a tidal wave of data

In today’s world, the purchase of an integrated security system typically goes hand in hand with a substantial increase of data flowing through your company’s servers and network. While high-resolution camera systems have allowed for the best video surveillance capabilities in the industry, they generate a lot of data. Paired with other integrated sensors and services, an abundance of data can be enough to overload the networking capabilities of even the most prepared businesses.

With these realities in mind, consider the implications that big data associated with security systems may have on your company’s information technology infrastructure. If you find that your network might not be ready to handle the demands of an integrated security system, there are typically two reasonable options:

  • First, companies can opt to upgrade their information technology infrastructure. While this is an effective approach, it can also be expensive, especially for businesses that need a complete infrastructure overhaul.
  • On the other hand, data compression services can help to reduce the strain that an integrated security system may have on your company’s network. This may be the best option as it’s both intuitive for companies to implement throughout their infrastructure and can be more affordable than upgrading existing information technology infrastructures.

Measure your security system’s ROI

It’s no secret that the implementation of a cutting-edge integrated security system can be a costly expense for companies both large and small. With such demands on capital in mind, it’s prudent to develop a way to measure the positive impacts that an investment in a security system can have on your business.

This may sound like an open-ended task, and this is by design as the return on investment (ROI) that an integrated security system will provide is different across industries. For example, retailers may judge a positive ROI through a reduction in instances of stolen merchandise, while a jewelry store may use a different method, such as a reduced number of break-in attempts.

Invest in today, prepare for tomorrow

Above all, if there’s one thing to take away, it’s that investing in an integrated security system today should be done with future scalability in mind. While you’ll certainly have your system focused on today’s threats, maintaining a long-term view can help save money for your company in the long run.

For example, a small business that’s rapidly growing would be wise to invest in an integrated security system that’s able to handle the access control threats associated with an expectedly larger future workforce. Similarly, companies operating on a tight budget would be wise to consider how the fees and upkeep associated with the operation of an integrated security solution may eat into future operating costs.

Regardless of your company’s situation, it’s important to choose an integrated security system that will be agile enough to keep up with the future security threats faced by your business.

Take a 360 approach to your business security

At Source 1 Solutions, we understand the importance of keeping your business protected at every level. That’s why we offer a proactive and comprehensive approach to business security. With our 360° Security Assessment, we take a look at your physical, network, cyber, and client security, assess your vulnerabilities and develop a customized security plan to meet your specific needs. Don’t wait until a problem arises. Contact us today and stay a step ahead.

360 business security assessment by source 1 solutions

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