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Halloween is a night filled with ghoulish tricks and tasty treats for all to enjoy. Kids dressed up in their scariest costumes. Copious amounts of candy being collected – and eaten. However, with all of the fun it brings, there are safety risks involved.

Don’t let the bad guys ruin your holiday! Discover how to keep yourself, your family, and your community protected with these 9 Halloween safety tips.

Halloween safety tips for trick-or-treaters

Trick-or-treating in a costume is a fun way for kids to express their creativity, meet neighbors, and, of course, get all the candy they could possibly eat in one night. To ensure your little ghouls stay safe while they celebrate, follow these simple safety tips.

1. Don’t let kids trick-or-treat without an adult

Even older kids who know the rules about looking both ways before crossing the street can forget to take appropriate safety precautions when hunting for candy with friends. Make sure a trusted adult is present to supervise. If you’re the adult, put your phone away and pay attention as your kids walk to make sure they’re safe.2. Don’t wear a mask

Masks can obstruct vision, making the already risky act of walking around in the dark even more dangerous. Instead, try using non-toxic makeup or face paint.

3. Use glow sticks and reflective strips

Give your kids glow sticks to carry around and affix reflective strips to your child’s costume to make it easier for motorists to see them. Sneakers with reflective material (like running sneakers) are helpful too. These can be unobtrusive ways to keep your children safe as they walk from house to house in the dark.

4. Stick to sidewalks and well-lit streets

If possible, stay in a neighborhood or area with sidewalks so you don’t need to walk in the street. Well-lit neighborhoods and streets are ideal to make sure everyone is visible to cars passing through. If you have no choice but to walk in the street, walk in the direction of oncoming traffic so you can see vehicles and get out of the way.

5. Don’t eat anything that isn’t factory packaged

Instruct your children not to eat anything that doesn’t have a wrapper on it from the manufacturer. This includes homemade treats neighbors pass out. While you may trust neighbors, it’s better to stick with treats that you know haven’t been tampered with. Look through your children’s candy before they eat it and throw away anything that’s been opened.

Halloween safety tips for homeowners

Most kids out on Halloween are only interested in the treat aspect of trick-or-treating, but there are indeed mischief-makers out there who play pranks on homeowners or have intentions of theft and vandalism. Follow these safety tips to make sure your house is a safe place for trick-or-treaters to visit while also keeping it protected from criminal intent.

1. Keep your exterior well-lit

Having yard lights on keeps your home safe for trick-or-treaters, who should be able to see clearly when they walk up to your door to avoid trips and falls. Proper lighting also deters vandals since they’ll be easily spotted if they attempt to cause trouble.

2. Use video surveillance

How many entry doors does your home have? Is there lighting in the entryways? Doors are the most common points for considering video surveillance. Now think about any ground-level windows. Surveillance likely isn’t necessary but be sure to lock windows to deter intruders.

3. Don’t use candles

While candles provide mood-lighting, they also pose a fire hazard. Ditch the candles this year and use LED lights instead. Decorate your jack-o-lanterns and windows with LED lights to keep your visitors safe and prevent a potential house fire.

4. Put your pets in another room

Pets can be unpredictable when their routine is thrown out of whack. Having hundreds of kids ring the doorbell in the span of a few hours can cause your dog or cat to act out, and even be aggressive. Keeping them in a separate room keeps your trick-or-treaters safe and protects you from a liability claim.

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