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Black Friday and Cyber Monday represent some of the most high-volume shopping events of the year. For just one short weekend each year, significant discounts and savings are to be had by consumers and businesses participating in an ever-increasing frenzy of commerce and holiday shopping.

Many people and businesses overlook the fact that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the busiest times of the year for organized crime – criminal enterprises whose sole purpose is to liberate you from your most sensitive financial data. These intrusions can happen to people as well as large businesses, and hackers have become very good at taking advantage of your trust.

Whatever you do, it’s important to never let your guard down. Always be on the lookout for scams and forgeries, especially when being asked for your personal information.

Security tips for businesses

One half of the commerce coin are the businesses whose goods are purchased or whose services make up the complex chain of financial transactions happening all over the world. With events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the frenetic pace of these exchanges only increases, and so do the risk for shoppers and companies alike.

To compromise business merchant services or the infrastructure behind those services, criminals exploit vulnerabilities.

  • Focus on data security regarding your own network and always apply patches and updates without delay.
  • Keep sensitive files behind firewalls and always use encryption such as HTTPS for web servers.
  • Limit access to financial records and other sensitive data, only permitting necessary personnel the ability to access this data, and only when needed to perform vital job functions.
  • Keep the premises securely locked and guarded at all points – log your visitors and watch for unknown persons seeking entry to your property.

Business data security and premise security

The more obscure and unknown a vulnerability may be, the more damage that can happen. Many times, the damage is done long after the hackers and criminals have escaped. Data security and premise security make up two of the largest components of business security concerns. Preventing hacking of consumer financial data, as well as preventing criminals from accessing your business’ property is of utmost importance.

In 2017, Accenture reported that cyber-attacks have been on the rise, with successful breaches per company each year rising more than 27 percent.

Businesses can and do fight back. Most companies must deal with criminal exploitation or at least events of attempted exploitation all year round. The resilience and robustness of your company’s data network is essential in mounting a defense when faced with an onslaught of hacking attempts. Data policies must be present, and they must be enforced every time a sensitive transaction takes place.

How does your business security policy stack up against the latest threats? Only by gaining awareness and education about security can an organization truly enforce a defense to today’s threats in the digital and physical worlds. Are you ready?

Source 1 Solutions will protect from theft with the highest quality intrusion detection solutions in the industry. Our reliable business security systems keep your facilities, staff, equipment, and operations safe with smart technology.

Consumer privacy

Far from being the only at-risk party, consumers shoulder a significant portion of the responsibility of maintaining one’s privacy. For the average consumer, the main prize to be captured isn’t just money – it’s the underlying financial information that allows criminal acts to prosper while a lifetime of creditworthiness goes down the drain in an instant.

Criminals know that consumers are distracted while shopping. Whether you’re at the mall doing holiday shopping or even if you’re in the safety of your own home, criminals can and do strike when you least expect. It’s not uncommon that when a person has been hacked or compromised, weeks or months can go by before the responsible organization notifies you. There’s even a chance a victim is never contacted, and the problem may go unnoticed for years. Whatever happens, remember that your personal information is your privacy, and letting criminals have access to your information can have lasting consequences.

Security tips for consumers

There’s a hacker attack every 39 seconds, affecting one in three Americans each year. Although more resources are being deployed to counter these attacks, cybersecurity practices still need to be improved before we can truly keep up with the threats to our privacy.

However, the average consumer is fortunate to have the world’s most advanced protection systems in place. Numerous government institutions have been created to ensure that the consumer is generally well-protected against attacks of a malicious nature.

When vulnerabilities are exploited, and scams are uncovered, the consumer benefits from a marketplace hardened by financial crimes. Criminals prey upon the uneducated consumer, seeking to leverage a gap in knowledge and awareness for their own gain.

Use safe shopping habits such by staying aware of the latest threats. Check reputable news sources’ tech and financial sections for the most up-to-date information to keep up with trends and what to look out for. With large hacks happening on a disturbingly regular basis, there is little excuse to being aware that criminals are actively trying to steal your data.

  • Regularly update your passwords and PINs to take the first step to being protected against hacking.
  • Never click links or open attachments in emails you do not trust.
  • Don’t use an ATM that appears unusual or compromised. Also, don’t count your cash when at the ATM.
  • Always remember to place your credit card back in your possession after making purchases.

An educated consumer gains a shield of awareness which makes them more difficult for criminals to target. Strategies, like monitoring credit reports and itemizing credit charges as they happen, are the hallmarks of a smart shopper. Have you experienced an odd or unsettling experience with your sensitive financial data? If so, you may need to contact your financial institution to make them aware that unusual activity may be occurring without your consent.

Hackers love Black Friday and Cyber Monday

No matter what side of the commerce coin you’re on, both businesses and consumers are at risk, and the risk grows around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and generally as the holiday shopping season picks up.

Apathy and a lack of education are two faults that lead to vulnerability in the eyes of the modern criminal. A successful criminal venture requires multiple points of failure, and just one weak link in the chain can render an entire defense strategy moot. Smart criminals need easy targets, and these targets are people and businesses whose security isn’t top of mind. Only by staying informed and keeping up-to-date with the latest practices can you ensure that you have the best chance of staying secure and uncompromised.

Source 1 Solutions also offers exceptional alarm systems and monitoring services. Our security alarm systems utilize the latest hardware and digital technology to optimize coverage across your property.

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