physical network security how to protect your business during the holidays

Security is a constant source of concern for businesses, and the holidays are no exception. In fact, large increases in commercial activity during this time of the year can expose businesses to additional threats.

To maintain a comprehensive business security plan, companies are focused on multiple layers of protection. Physical security refers to securing your premises against unauthorized access or theft. With data and network security, the intent is the same even though the realm or domain is different. Protecting the data of you and your customers is essential in your company’s operation.

Protecting your business during the business holiday season

What is physical business security

Physical security can present unique problems, and especially if your business is dedicated to serving the public.

Physical security concerns

Here are several dangers associated with physical business security concerns and possible solutions to be implemented for the holidays:

  • Foot traffic: Increased foot traffic in retail locations can sometimes overwhelm existing loss prevention measures. Consider modifying the layout of your retail location to funnel traffic into areas of high visibility. Always respond to alarms triggered by in-store inventory control tags. When employees fail to address alerts, criminals may take advantage of the lack of response.
  • Surveillance: Does your business have adequate video surveillance to monitor all activities? Consider adjusting camera angles and recording times to suit the increased holiday traffic.
  • Staff: Staff appropriately. Staffing is costly but is often the most effective physical business security presence. Overworked and understaffed teams may not be able to prevent loss or other criminal acts during high traffic seasons.

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What is business network security

Data security is a challenge all on its own yet is inextricably linked to physical security. Think of data and network security as an extension of on-premises security. Just because transactions happen in the cloud, this doesn’t mean you’re free from harm or liability.

Network security concerns

Criminal fraud and even innocent user error can lead to costly mistakes when dealing with large numbers of commercial transactions. Here are a few of the most pressing threats to network security and solutions for creating a comprehensive business security plan.

  • Procedures: Follow all procedures. When the holidays come into full swing and consumer patience goes out the window, employees may be tempted to skirt procedures to help process customer sales. Adherence to security checks and ID validation must be followed.
  • Security policies: Update security policies as new types of fraudulent activity can sweep through your profits like an epidemic. Educate your staff on new types of scam tactics as they’re discovered and circulate information as soon as it becomes available to ensure your IT team is ready for the latest hacks.
  • Infrastructure: Update software and hardware before the heaviest weeks of the holiday season. Don’t put off improvements to infrastructure or updates to software until after the holidays, as doing so will put your business security at risk, leaving you exposed to vulnerabilities you may not know exist.

Protect your business this holiday season

Whether you’re concerned with physical or network security, creating and maintaining a comprehensive business security plan is of paramount importance. However, even the best plans will come to a screeching halt if the holiday season overwhelms your staff and infrastructure.

Prepare in advance. Consult with a security professional like Source 1 Solutions to keep your holidays free from incident. We know the terms and processes, and, most importantly, understand the security needs of your business.

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