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In today’s dynamic threat environment, cybersecurity in healthcare is becoming more critical than ever before. With stringent patient protection laws now enacted in most countries, and threats to patient data protection increasing exponentially, ensuring that your hospital or clinic has a strong healthcare cybersecurity plan in place can help to prevent a risk from turning into a catastrophic security breach.

However, for healthcare administrators with little or no expertise in the world of information technology, determining the best approach to healthcare cybersecurity can feel like an impossible task. Furthermore, these feelings can be amplified if your organization doesn’t have in-house access to an experienced and knowledgeable team of security professionals.

Thankfully, managed IT services providers have taken note of this trend, developing all-in-one service packages to help guarantee your organization access to the best possible cybersecurity solutions in healthcare.

Here are 10 of the most notable healthcare cybersecurity benefits offered by today’s industry-leading managed information technology services providers.

#1: Superior Protection for Your Patient’s Data

Within today’s healthcare organizations, guaranteeing patient data protection is a challenge, to say the least. This is due to an increasing number of logins, uploads, and downloads of patient data occurring on mobile devices such as laptops and tablets.

To address this problem, managed IT services providers typically integrate technical solutions that leverage best-in-class technology to ensure that situations like unauthorized access control issues become a thing of the past for your organization.

Better yet, many managed information technology services providers can deploy innovative solutions that help to place greater protection between patient databases and the web, ensuring that none of your patient’s data ends up for sale on the web.

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#2: Cost Savings for Healthcare Providers

Leveraging the expertise of a managed IT services provider can help to increase the security of critical patient data while also saving your organization significant costs in the process. Compared to the costs associated with building an in-house healthcare cybersecurity team, partnering with a service provider is cost-effective.
managed it services for healthcare facilities offer cost savings
Through ongoing partnerships with the right managed services providers for cybersecurity in healthcare, your organization can reduce its operational costs, conserve critical capital budget resources, and drastically reduce the need for in-house information technology resources.

Best of all, with many service providers operating on a pay-as-you-go model, you have the unique opportunity to customize service agreements to your current needs while maintaining the flexibility to switch providers if such a change is deemed necessary.

#3: Ready Access to Leading Security Experts

One of the most notable benefits associated with partnering with managed services providers for cybersecurity in healthcare is the fact that your organization can gain around-the-clock access to some of the most skilled IT professionals in today’s cybersecurity industry.

Partnering with a managed IT services provider allows your organization access to what is essentially an in-house IT professional without the typically associated steep costs. Regardless of the questions or security threats that may arise, management throughout your organization can rest assured that critical patient data is in the best care possible with a professional provider.

#4: Affordable Access to Advanced Technologies

When you partner with a healthcare cybersecurity-minded provider, your organization will gain immediate and affordable access to some of the most advanced cybersecurity technologies available throughout the information technology industry.

For instance, Source 1 is a full-service IT firm rather than a traditional security company, and our Tier 3 engineers are highly trained to troubleshoot complicated hardware and software solutions, as well as deliver excellence in intelligent implementation solutions.

As most managed services providers are consistently updating their technology, the patient data held by your hospital or clinic will become increasingly secure as new cybersecurity solutions are deployed by your new IT solutions partner.

#5: Ability to Focus on Your Healthcare Firm

managed it services offers ability to focus on your healthcare facility

While healthcare professionals may be hesitant to admit it, many organizations are operating with limited time, employees, and budgetary resources due to today’s harsh economic environment.

Through partnering with a leading managed information technology service provider, your in-house healthcare administration team can stay focused on your core business needs, while an outsourced group of cybersecurity professionals handles the nitty-gritty associated with ensuring top security of patient data.

#6: Instantaneous Scalability

The underlying goal of most healthcare organizations is to increase patient count as a consistently growing stream of patients holds the key to profitability within this highly-competitive industry. As such, it’s essential that cybersecurity in the healthcare sector can scale in tandem with the rapid pace of expansion. As the rate of technological advancement increases, scaling healthcare cybersecurity solutions in-house can be prohibitively expensive for small- or medium-sized healthcare organizations.

Providers of managed security services, like Source 1, can effectively address these issues, as service packages are set up in a manner to allow for nearly instantaneous scalability, depending on the needs of customers. As scalable solutions can accommodate rapid changes, they’ll help to ensure that the patient data held by your organization can remain as secure as possible throughout its future expansion.

#7: Reduce In-House Risk

An inherent reality of the healthcare industry is that every investment in your organization’s business carries a certain level of risk. Ever changing government regulations, along with rapidly changing technologies and market conditions make it hard to determine what your team’s risk exposure may be at any given time.

When you partner with a managed IT solutions provider for cybersecurity in healthcare, you can rest assured that a significant level of risk will be off-loaded to an extremely capable third-party. In fact, one of the roles of a managed IT services provider is to leverage in-depth expertise to minimize your organization’s digital risk exposure, ensuring that your team can spend less time worrying about managing risk and more time working towards expanding your firm.

#8: Faster Responses to Data or Security Breaches

managed it security services provider for healthcare cybersecurity

After entering a partnership with an information technology service provider, your hospital or clinic will gain access to a “rapid response” healthcare cybersecurity team capable of handling almost any digital security breach. You need a provider that’s built to meet the most sophisticated needs of your business.

With most security issues capable of being adequately addressed in real-time from an off-site network operations center, you can rest assured that your network will never have to face long periods of downtime ever again.

#9: All-In-One Vendor Management

For healthcare administration teams wanting to avoid the common pains associated with working with software and hardware vendors, an IT solutions provider will wash away these stressors and responsibilities. Managed services providers will often communicate with vendors on behalf of a hospital or clinic, ensuring that any issues associated with your business will be troubleshot and resolved quickly.

Furthermore, healthcare-minded services providers often serve as the main point of contact for other IT third-parties. As vendor coordination can be a complicated juggling act, outsourcing vendor management to a managed services provider removes the pains associated with having to work with multiple vendors. Instead, you can work with a single, trusted partner serving as a highly-capable intermediary for all your organization’s technology-related needs.

#10: Guaranteed Regulatory Compliance and Security

When your healthcare organization chooses to partner with the right managed IT services provider, your team can rest assured that the various issues associated with today’s highly complex healthcare regulatory environment will be addressed promptly.

Through adherence to the strictest of compliance standards, providers minimize the possibility of common healthcare cybersecurity breaches, such as the loss of confidential patient data or the leaking of internal company memos. High levels of security are accomplished through the deployment of strong firewalls and network-based buffer zones that prevent attackers from directly accessing patient data from the internet.

Ready to Protect Your Facility?

As we’ve seen, there are numerous benefits to partnering with healthcare-minded managed information technology services providers. While the 10 benefits outlined above only represent a few of the remarkable opportunities, these perspectives are a great start to helping your healthcare organization understand why out-sourcing your cybersecurity needs to a trusted provider is a great business decision.

Cybersecurity in healthcare is continuing to become a sore spot, and while it’s no guarantee that the loss of confidential patient data will never occur due to the nature of today’s dynamic threat environment, healthcare organizations are advised to take the necessary steps towards preventing attacks on security.

For small and medium-sized organizations, partnering with a managed IT services provider can be a great way to work towards the long-term security of the patient data within your organization’s control. Let’s talk about how we can protect your business. Schedule a 360° Security Assessment with Source 1 Solutions to understand your security vulnerabilities and how our solutions can help you secure your facilities.

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