Access control systems provide companies with security and operational efficiency with sophisticated security solutions. It’s not just about preventing access to high-security areas, it’s about helping your business run freely and effectively while protecting your business, employees and visitors, property, and company information.

With intelligent access control solutions customized to the needs of your facilities, you can ensure that people can get to the right places at the right time while restricting access to the most sensitive areas at the same time.

The Case for Integrated Security Solutions

Businesses across industries have unique needs in regards to access control. The capabilities and configurations of the system will depend on day-to-day operations, outside regulations or requirements, perimeter, and internal security variables, among other core differences.

Source 1 Solutions offers a myriad of access control solutions to target the architecture of your facilities and your particular security needs in alignment with your budget. We can regulate the movement through your facility and give you documentation of who has entered your facility, where, and when. Electronic access control also provides the ability to reprogram cards as needed, helping with card key management issues.

With our access control software and managed services, companies get integrated solutions that improve scalability, capability, and control. Systems integration can include:

  • Badge and cardholder database management
  • Door lock scheduling management
  • Activity and exception reporting
  • Intrusion and video systems surveillance integration
  • HR database integration
  • Visitor entry system management

A comprehensive commercial security system is most effective and efficient when it’s fully interconnected — including the different aspects of your access control system.

Access Control Solutions for Business

Partnering with Global Leaders in Security & Automation

Source 1 Solutions is a Honeywell Authorized Security Systems Dealer. With an extensive portfolio, Honeywell is recognized as the partner of choice in the security industry —from IP video to access control.

State-of-the-art access control software by Honeywell integrates the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring full-featured security solutions to facilities of all sizes. Providing high-performance and uncompromising reliability, our access control solutions include IT platform design and deployments such as security system programming, software updates, maintenance, remote desk support, report and interface development, and much more.

Features and Benefits of Source 1 Access Control Solutions

There is a wide range of features and benefits you can receive from our access control systems including:

  • Eliminating disparate systems and interfaces — integrating access, intrusion, video, and other critical security components while improving incident resolution time
  • Reducing costly false alarms and increasing situational awareness —with the ability to arm and disarm intrusion systems with access control readers
  • Scaling with the growth of your business — including the number of cardholders, system users, sites, access points, recorders, and video cameras
  • Flexibility and adaptability for your specific business needs — dynamic products customized to your facilities that are compatible with multiple products as needs change
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After an initial on-site security review, our certified network engineers will develop intelligent access control solutions that keep your staff, finances, and operations safe.

Managed Services from Source 1 Security

We provide complete support from the moment you become a client. Along with our other commercial security solutions, such as intrusion prevention and video alarm verification, we have managed services for our access control solutions.

At the core, your security systems are only as good as the data they can capture and transmit. We manage the vast amounts of data produced with access controls systems through a database — analyzing and reporting on the information you need to secure your business, assets, operations, and people. We think about the issues you may not consider, tackling vulnerabilities in access control systems that could jeopardize your security.

Source 1 also makes billing easy. We tie the price of your access control systems into the monthly bill, making your accounting more efficient and user-friendly.

Access Control Solutions for Business

Schedule a Security Review to Protect Your Business & Understand Your Access Control Needs

Access control systems are a central part of business security. Knowing the depth of your facility vulnerabilities is key to the design and effectiveness of access control. Schedule an onsite security review to protect, secure, and monitor your facilities with world-class business security solutions.

Source 1 Solutions delivers business security services on which you can rely. As a Honeywell Authorized Security Systems Dealer, we partner with one of the leading global manufacturers of security and automation solutions for commercial and residential applications.

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