Source 1 Solutions delivers complete security solutions to a wide range of industries including Healthcare, Hospitality, Government, Public Venues, and Schools. Our comprehensive services are specialized to address the specific needs of your business and structure of your facilities.

From single-site individual buildings to multi-site complexes, Source 1 Solutions has the expertise and experience to tackle any size job. Our certified network engineers design, implement and maintain intelligent security solutions for schools, hospitals, public government buildings and complexes, arenas, and more.

Our Complete Security Solutions by Industry


Source 1 Solutions understands the security needs of the healthcare industry. With unique challenges and regulatory requirements, we design customized solutions to address complex safety issues and facility architecture. Patient security and safety is our priority. Specializing in intelligent systems with the latest innovative technology, Source1 Solutions will complete a detailed security review to engineer a perfect design for every room of the hospital or healthcare facility.

Complete security solutions for the healthcare industry utilize world-class products to protect infant security, senior security, and all patients in between. From enterprise access control systems to intrusion detection systems, Source 1 Solutions provides state-of-the-art products for the utmost in patient security and safety.

Comprehensive products and services include video surveillance cameras and video monitoring, fire alarm systems and regular testing and maintenance, visitor management platforms, asset tracking, lockdown solutions, access control, intrusion prevention, temperature monitoring, integration, 24-hour monitoring services, and preventative maintenance and service plans.

Complete Security Systems


Source 1 Solutions serves restaurants of all types from fine dining to fast food. Whether you own a single location or a growing chain, we have the experience and expertise to design, install, and maintain complete security solutions that will protect your customers, your employees, and your bottom line. If you have a chain of restaurants, we can design a master security plan for simplicity and continuity where all sites can be monitored by the most highly trained, professional and knowledgeable staff in the industry.

With complete security solutions from Source 1, you can reduce risks, control costs, increase efficiencies and free yourself up to do what you do best — serve your customers. Our certified network engineers will design a security system you can rely on that may include:

  • Video surveillance cameras & video monitoring,
  • Traditional digital security alarm systems,
  • Staff protection and panic buttons,
  • Duress and holdup solutions,
  • Fire alarm systems including regular testing and maintenance,
  • Access control systems,
  • 24-hour monitoring services, and more


Source 1 Solutions recognizes the complex needs for security in government buildings. From local, state, to federal, we uphold the highest standards for compliant security solutions for any facility. After an initial on-site security review, we proceed with careful analysis and planning in the design of complete security solutions customized to specific building needs. Our dedicated team of security experts has expertise in HSPD-12 and FICAM for Access Control upgrades for the US Government.

Systems are designed to be flexible and forward-thinking— with the ability to transform as government regulations evolve or expand. Meeting the unique needs of varying types of facilities, our engineers design intelligent security solutions that may include products and services such as:

  • SCIF intrusion detection systems
  • SCIF doors and locks
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Perimeter security solutions including license plate recognition and traffic analysis
  • Mass notification and emergency communication
  • GSA container high-security locks
  • Lockdown solutions
  • Preventative maintenance and service plans and
  • 24-hour monitoring services
Complete Business Security Systems

Public Venues

Source 1 Solutions protects, monitors, and secures a wide range of public venues. Recognized brands that have trusted us with their security include The Florida Aquarium in downtown Tampa and the Amalie Arena. We are the perfect security solution for Retail, Museums, Arenas, Aquariums, and Theme Parks too. Providing powerful designs, products, and services for asset protection, loss prevention, risk, and liability mitigation, hold up and duress response, and workplace violence protection.

We also offer maintenance and service plans to keep operations running efficiently and effectively — reducing downtime, controlling costs, and maintaining equipment at optimum performance levels. Source 1 can help document and capture events across your facilities, providing video evidence and advanced video analytics. We also have the capability to search every camera at once for a specific product to save time and provide enhanced customer satisfaction.

Complete security solutions for public venues include:


Source 1 Solutions is dedicated to protecting students and teachers. As a Honeywell Authorized Security Systems Dealer, our clients are backed by one of the leading global manufacturers of security and automation solutions for commercial and residential applications. Our certified network engineers will perform a detailed on-site security review to thoroughly assess school vulnerabilities, and design and install a strategic commercial security system to protect students and teachers.

The types of solutions we can offer include Access Control, Intrusion Prevention Systems, and Mass Notification. We deliver security you can rely on — giving educators, children, and parents, confidence, and peace of mind. Our experience and knowledge are at your disposal to provide complete support from the moment you become a client, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding security for your school.

Business Security Solutions in Schools

Property Management

Source 1 Solutions brings quality, efficiency, and the utmost in security in Property Management. We can help you reduce risk and control the costs associated with managing single and multi-site properties.
Our solutions are based on a careful assessment of your property’s structure and needs.

Knowing who is on your property and when is a critical component of effective security. Complete security solutions in Property Management include:

  • Gate Security
  • Platesmart
  • Vehicle Recognition and
  • Campus Wireless Solutions

Platesmart captures more data and delivers more actionable intelligence from a wider field of view with Object Recognition technology, instead of the traditional OCR technology. At the core, your security systems are only as good as the data they can capture and transmit — and utilizing superior solutions such as Platesmart brings advanced security and safety to your property.


Source 1 Solutions provides comprehensive and connected services for companies with facilities in multiple locations. We offer Central Command and Control and Managed Security Campus services to deliver a streamlined system that improves efficiency, enhances quality, and saves time so you can do what you do best — run your business. Our values are our source, encompassing a commitment to excellence, peace of mind, and a real solutions-centric mindset for cost-reducing solutions that work.

We protect, secure, and monitor your facilities with world-class business security solutions – delivering security you can rely on. Contact us for an on-site security review.

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