At the core, your business security systems are only as good as the data they can capture and transmit. Source 1 Solutions is first and foremost a full-service IT firm, not a traditional security company. We provide sophisticated security data analytics to give you incredible insights and visibility into your organization’s activities and operations.

Our comprehensive reporting focuses on each of your separate commercial security systems, including access control systems, alarm monitoring, intrusion prevention systems, and more, which provide actionable intelligence for the utmost in security and loss prevention. With the latest innovations in security data analytics, we utilize customized data, tools, and methodology to leverage best practices across your business.

The Power of Security Integration

Source 1 Solutions’ reporting transforms data and visual information from video surveillance and other systems into meaningful results. Utilizing the maximum power of security data analytics, we focus on integration — connecting and correlating multiple data points in access control to video surveillance along with other commercial security systems across your facilities. As an example, this connectivity allows you to register who goes where and when — monitoring traffic throughout facilities to secure and protect what matters the most to you.

Security Data Analytics

Security Data Analytics for Businesses — Features & Benefits

  • Drives better decision making and provides context
  • Transforms complex data into insights for increased profits
  • Increases visibility and minimizes business losses
  • Provides actionable intelligence to help your company prosper
  • Improves processes for streamlining operations and reducing costs
  • Saves time by eliminating traditional, cumbersome reporting
  • Delivers trends through careful analysis
  • Provokes important questions of your data

Professional Services and Analytics Solutions

We specialize in smart commercial security systems and security data analytics that keep your staff, finances, and operations safe. Comprehensive reporting propels excellence across business verticals including security, loss prevention, operations, and marketing, as well as the customer experience.

We are dedicated to providing security and safety — and much-needed information to drive results for your business. Depending on your industry, insights can include:

  • Traffic counting and flow
  • POS exceptions and sales conversion rates
  • Insights and analysis on shrink
  • Asset and inventory management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Alarm and incident data
  • Intrusion open / close reports
  • Unscheduled activity
  • Movement and activity across multiple facilities
Security Data Reporting Business

From assessment, installation, configuration, security data analytics, and maintenance, Source 1 Solutions is there to provide the support and security your business needs. We deliver smart security systems backed by our IT background to offer real solutions for your security vulnerabilities.

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