Source 1 Solutions is a full-service security company delivering world-class business security system installation and maintenance. We are first and foremost an IT firm, providing comprehensive solutions with systems that not only protect your company from traditional threats, such as intruders and fires but also the evolving dangers in the digital age. All of our systems are designed, implemented, and maintained by certified network engineers to protect and secure your staff, finances, and operations.

As a Honeywell Authorized Security Systems Dealer, our clients are backed by one of the leading global manufacturers of security and automation solutions for commercial and residential applications.

Design and Installation

After an initial on-site security review, our expert network engineers will design a customized security system to address vulnerabilities across your facilities. From singular buildings to multi-building/multi-site complexes, our security system designs are scalable and tailored to provide integrated security solutions to your facilities and systems for maximum protection.

Source 1 Solutions’ installation includes mechanical access systems, electronic security systems, and automatic entrances to both new construction and retrofit projects.

Security System Installation

Service Plans

Source 1 Solutions has multiple service plans to fit your facilities and business needs. With prompt service, we give you the peace of mind you need by minimizing downtime and repair costs. You can choose the ideal service plan for your business and budgetary needs to cover equipment costs, labor costs, and service response times.

Service plans are available for all types of our commercial security systems including access control, intrusion systems, fire alarms, video surveillance, and more. From standard to premium plans, Source 1 Solutions has multiple service plans that are perfectly designed to fit exactly what you need.

Preventative Maintenance

Stay in front of repairs and avoid system downtime with Source 1 Solutions preventative maintenance packages. Our expert technicians will provide full inspections of your security systems to keep them operating at their peak. Preventative maintenance plans for your security system installation cover all systems including video surveillance, intrusion systems, access control, and integration solutions.

We offer a variety of services depending on your specific systems including:

  • A visual inspection of components and equipment
  • Cleaning of various devices as needed
  • System training
  • Component testing
  • Technical support

Varying options are available to set up inspections to fit your business needs from monthly to annually and more.

Business Security Service Installation

Software Support Plans

At the core, your security systems are only as good as the data they can capture and transmit. As a full-service IT firm with Tier-3 certified network engineers, we offer software support plans to help keep your systems running efficiently and effectively.

We’re not your traditional security company. We have the knowledge and expertise your company needs to support the critical software that runs your business every day. Our multiple software support plans are comprehensive and include such features as:

  • Access to all software hotfixes and upgrades from the software manufacturer
  • On-site software upgrades
  • Advanced support and technical assistance
  • Troubleshooting, system health checks, remote diagnostics, and more

Embedded Services

Source 1 Solutions provides embedded services to operate and manage your security systems. An employee of our firm can be located on-site in a part-time or full-time capacity to help keep your facilities safe and your complex systems running well. With a dedicated specialist on-site, you won’t have to be concerned about getting system administrators on your staff.

We offer different types of resources to fit your personalized needs. From project managers to system engineers and technical specialists, Source 1 Solutions brings the experts to your door.

Source 1 Solutions Security System Installation and Maintenance

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