Source 1 Solutions delivers security system integration for clients across industries — maximizing the power of comprehensive commercial security systems to keep businesses safe. Our certified network engineers design, install, configure, and integrate access control systems, intrusion prevention systems, video surveillance systems and more to provide the highest level of security while accommodating your business security needs.

Security Integration Systems

Source 1 Solutions works with projects of all sizes and scopes — from enterprise solutions for multi-site facilities to large stadiums and commercial office buildings. Our integration services allow your commercial security systems to talk to one another 24/7 to address your most challenging security problems while enhancing efficiency by implementing event-driving system automation and standardizing your platforms.

Security system integration also provides a key role in connecting teams with each other to save time, reduce errors, decrease risks, and control costs that often remain hidden to operations managers with non-integrated systems.

Source 1 Solutions provides integration services for business security systems including:

Security System Integrations

IoT Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) security adds extra protection to your existing systems— bringing innovative, connected technology to reinvent the way you do business. With cybercriminals becoming ever more effective in hacking into networks and stealing valuable data, IoT security delivers powerful protection for your devices and apps.

To reduce the likelihood of an attack, defend your data, and tackle vulnerabilities, IoT security for your business can include:

  • Data Privacy — with encryption services to protect vital business data and finances
  • Trusted Authentication — IT to authorize select employees and devices to apps/IoT devices
  • Application Protection — providing an extra layer of IT security to devices and apps

Source 1 Solutions is a full service IT company with experienced certified network engineers that utilize the latest technology to keep your operations and data safe. We understand how IT management, data networking, and IoT security works, unlike your traditional security company. With IoT security, you will get peace of mind, better results, and protection from malware and hijacking —helping businesses get the most power out of enterprise applications and communication devices while providing additional critical security.

Our Security System Integration Services Deliver Results

Source 1 Solutions protects, monitors, and secures your facilities with world-class business security solutions. With security system integration, you can maximize the power of these complex systems to deliver results 24/7. Our certified network engineers will perform a security review to address security vulnerabilities and design the perfect solution for your facilities.

Business System Integrations

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