Video surveillance solutions from Source 1 gives you invaluable visibility and insight into what happens at your facilities 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. From external to internal threats, video surveillance is a critical component of your business security system due to its ability to deter crime and document evidence of intrusion or other security events.

Whether you have a single building or a multi-site complex, Source 1 Solutions’ certified network engineers will design, install, configure, and maintain perfect video surveillance solutions that fit your architecture and specific business needs. We also integrate the cameras, monitors, and additional equipment with your other security components including access control, intrusion prevention systems, and alarm systems. Integration is vital in increasing operational efficiency, reducing risk, and maintaining quality control throughout the entire commercial security system.

Intelligent Video Solutions

There is a broad range of options in intelligent video surveillance solutions to fit your facility and business operations needs. Before the design of your custom security system, our certified network engineers will perform a security review to evaluate the buildings and property and determine the full extent of the vulnerabilities.

From high-performance cameras to video storage options, Source 1 Solutions, delivers world-class business security solutions such as:

  • IP and analog camera systems
  • Video Monitoring
  • Live video on your mobile devices
  • Video storage options including local, network, and the cloud
  • Video Alarm Verification
  • Advanced video analytics capabilities & reporting
  • Integration with other systems including access control, alarm systems, intrusion, and more

As a Honeywell Authorized Security Systems Dealer, Source 1 Solutions provides industry-leading security services and solutions to businesses across the nation and around the world.

Video Surveillance Systems

Excellence in Monitoring Services

Who’s watching your security system while your security system is watching you? Source 1 is.

With state-of-the-art technology and the most highly trained, professional and knowledgeable staff in the industry, our premier monitoring services provide 24/7 support, eliminate security errors and provide greater peace-of-mind to companies across industries.

Additional Options for Enhanced Security

Source 1 Solutions goes the distance when it comes to serving our clients. Our full video surveillance solutions also include license plate recognition to enhance your property security. Utilizing strategically-placed and powerful, high-resolution cameras, we can track and identify the vehicles on your property — creating video evidence in the case of a breach or other security event.

As part of our advanced analytics services, we also provide video analytics for traffic across your facilities, delivering valuable information for your operations, business development, and security.

Choose Source 1 Solutions to Help Your Business:

  • Reduce Loss — intelligent solutions to prevent intrusions and significant losses
  • Gain Critical Visibility — 24/7 information to know what is going on and when
  • Acquire Documentation — to best protect your assets, staff, and customers and secure necessary evidence
  • Receive Optimum Performance — high-quality design, installation, configuration and maintenance to ensure your video surveillance solutions give you the maximum benefits

Customized Video Surveillance Solutions

Our solutions are based on a careful assessment of your company’s structure and needs. From IP video and video alarm verification to video analytics and license plate verification, Source 1 Solutions has a relentless commitment to your peace of mind.

Contact us to schedule an on-site security review. With this review, we can provide real, cost-reducing solutions that work.

Video Surveillance for Business

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